F-ROAD is a leading technology and service provider for regional banks in China. Respectively, F-ROAD builds up the strategic partnership with China Public Security Bureau the Third Institute and World Bank Group International Finance Corporation. Since establishment in 2008, F-ROAD devotes itself to supporting the regional banks in their banking transformation, activating the fundamental financial organizations, and practicing the financial inclusion.

Using the big data technology, clouding platform, and artificial intelligence, F-ROAD builds up a two-platform-one-service technology scheme for regional banks, they are Local Community Platform, Smart Lending Platform and eID (electrical identity card), the identity recognization service.

F-Road has been awarded the only winner by the Wall Street Journal Committee for the Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Challenge. Key words: Financial Inclusion, Committee Award,Technology Award
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Our mission:Financial Inclusion for Everyone
Our vision:Establishing the most considerate financial inclusion service platform in utilizing the world’s leading fintech tools
Our core values:Innovation and Responsibility
Chairman’s Words:F-Road’s achievement today bears all the employees’ constant efforts and passions, and by all the trust and caring of the partners and community. It has witnessed all employees’ joint spirits and efforts, unceasing innovation and persistent efforts. Financial inclusion for thousands of households—it is the direction F-Road dedicating itself since its founding day, and it keeps practicing since then. In the last decade, we have experienced enormous changes in the worldwide technology field, and constant updating in the directions and models of financial development. Nevertheless, our faith keeps us clear-minded in this wave of development. Walking on the leading edge of technological innovation, we constantly devote ourselves to serving regional and middle-small banks. At the moment, we formed our business structure----two platforms and one service, and now, F-Road has become a leading technology service provider in China for regional and middle-small banks.
We are very proud of years of cooperation with banks and partners dedicated to financial inclusion, and we are looking forward to future development. F-Road will adhere to the idea of innovation and responsibility as always, overcoming hardship and keep persistence. Together with the whole society, we will build a bright future.