As a technology and operation service provider of regional banks, F-Road provides a platform for regional banks and related industries to exchange ideas and boost win-win development through hosting of the Financial Forum. At each forum, we have gathered together many experts, scholars, partner banks and partner institutions in the financial field to participate in the festivities and to observe the changing trend of the financial sector in the Internet age with a sharp perspective and academic, practical and open standards, coming up forward-looking viewpoints for the development of financial inclusion. At present, the forum has been successfully held for seven sessions in a row, setting a professional reputation both inside and outside the industry, and having a wide range of influence.

The Seventh Forum (2017 @ Hangzhou)

New technology, new finance--The Seventh Mobile Financial Summit Forum

On 16th of February 2017, F-Road held the 7th Mobile Financial Summit Forum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on the theme of new technology, new finance. The forum brought together the country's financial industry’s senior experts, industry elites, regional bank leaders and other distinguished guests. All the guests gathered together discussed the innovative development of regional banks through accurate interpretation of national policies, cutting-edge financial technology trend analysis and internationalized block chain technology sharing. Xu Yanjun, chairman of Unionpay Advisors(Shanghai), and UnionPay Smart Information Service (Shanghai), Yu Ningzi, a partner of Deloitte Risk Management Consulting, Xu Qian, assistant CEO of SF Group, Yan Zeming, secretary of eID division of the Third research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, Bai Shuo, a research expert on China's block chain industry, Luan Xi, a researcher at Minsheng Securities, Zheng Peimin, the chairman of Rongzheng Investment, Jiang Fangfang, senior project officer of IFC, and Wang Bo, general manager of Anhui Rural Credit Union, Li Hongbo, Sales department general manager of Weifang Rural Credit Union and other regional bank leaders delivered keynote speeches. On the topic of new technology and new finance, distinguished guests gave deep interpretations on the theme in combination with big data, block chain, data credit, micro business loan, information security (etc.).

The Sixth Forum (2015 @ Shanghai)

Hand–in-hand, we embrace the internet + strategic upgrade trip of innovative future--The 6th Mobile Financial Summit Forum

On November 19th 2015, with the support of many financial institutions and partners, the 6th Mobile Financial Summit Forum and the strategic cooperation conference of F-Road and PING AN Group hosted by F-Road were held in Kempinski Grand Hotel of Lujiazui in Shanghai. The theme of the event was hand-in-hands, we embrace the Internet + strategic upgrade trip of innovative future, marking the determination and goal of F-Road to commit itself to building an Internet financial service platform for regional banks, and building a multi-dimensional regional financial service ecosystem. Liu Shouying, deputy secretary general of the Academic Committee of Development Research Center of the State Council, president of China Economic Times, as well the chief editor, Chen Xinying, the vice president of PING AN Group and their team, Zheng Peimin, the Chairman of Shanghai Rongzheng Investment and Chairman of Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Association in Yangtze River as well as Sun Bin, deputy director of Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives, Song Li, general manager of Electronic Internet Financial Department from Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, other distinguished guests and regional bank leaders from all over the country came to the forum to jointly explore the future prospects of mobile finance and development opportunities.

The Fifth Forum (2014 @ Chifeng)

Opening a New Era of Mobile Banking --The Fifth China Mobile Financial Summit Forum

On 31st of July 2014, F-Road held the 5th China Mobile Financial Summit Forum in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, with the theme of Opening a New Era of Mobile Banking. With the in-depth reform and opening up of the financial industry by state regulators, internet giants have set foot in the financial business and the traditional financial industry is facing a series of shocks. How to distinguish and face the impact of various new models, how traditional financial institutions maintain their original leading superiority and seek development has become a key factor that financial managers cannot ignore when they think about business strategies. In this forum, representatives from funds clearing center of Rural Credit Union, industry experts and financial institution managers discussed the general trend of the industry, analyzed the status of the industry and successful experiences, and provided references for the regional financial institutions to innovate internet finance.

The Fourth Forum (2013 @ Changbai Mountain)

Hand-in-Hand, O2O--The Fifth China Mobile Financial Summit Forum

On 25th of July 2013, F-Road held Hand–in-Hand O2O in Changbai Mountain - the 4th China Mobile Banking Forum in 2013 and proposed to take initiative establishment of the O2O Mobile Banking Alliance that is specialized for regional commercial banks. With the advent of internet finance, e-commerce and the o2o era, the alliance provides member banks with a shared brand of e-commerce services. The alliance provides a unified platform entrance for member banks. Users can do shopping at the major e-commerce providers in the country via SIM-card-overlay and receive rebates from e-commerce providers. At the same time, the alliance provides precise analysis of consumer behavior and preference data of the Bank‘s customers for member banks, and assists banks in accurate marketing.

The Third Forum (2012 @ Sanya)

The year that we explored the mobile payment together--The Third China Mobile Financial Summit Forum

On 30th of May 2012, China Mobile Banking Summit, which was hosted by China Banking Association and sponsored by F-Road, was held in Sanya, Hainan Province. The forum provided an interactive platform for domestic and foreign banking institutions, especially the local banking institutions, to exchange and discuss, focusing on the development and changes of global mobile finance business, technologies and policies. Forum received the support of leaders from all walks of life: Yin Longte, deputy director of Innovation Supervision Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission, sent a word; Mr. Zhou Yongfa, deputy secretary general of China Banking Association; Mr. Andi Dervishi, senior investment officer of International Finance Corporation (IFC); Mr. Battsog Khurlee, general manager of electronic banking department of Haas Bank in Mongolia; Gao Feng, vice president of electronic banking department of China Minsheng Bank; and Mr. Darren Lee, chief executive officer of DigiWave Inc. of the United States, all attended the conference and made wonderful speeches on different aspects of mobile financial policy, technology, application and the development trend of mobile banking in the world as well as provided enthusiastic discussion during the communication session.

The Second Forum (2011 @ Chongqing)

NFC SD World debut ceremony of UnionPay standard mobile phone financial products

On 21st of September, 2011, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank with China UnionPay, Chongqing Citizen Card Company, HTC Corporation and F-Road jointly held NFC SD World Debut Ceremony of UnionPay Standard Mobile Phone Financial Products. Huang Qifan, mayor of Chongqing; Ling Yueming, vice mayor of Chongqing; Su Ning, chairman of China UnionPay; Liu Jianzhong, chairman of Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank; and Liu Qingdong, general manager of HTC's global R&D and operations attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Traditional mobile banking products mainly complete transaction through a mobile phone to access the Internet, which is the online banking of mobile phone. This financial product, jointly developed by F-Road and Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank adopted the intelligent secure memory card (SD card) hardware encryption technology to achieve hardware security authentication, physically blocking Trojan attacks and network viruses. It has very high security coefficient.

The First Forum ((2010 @ Shangha)

2010 China Mobile Financial Summit Forum of Shanghai Financial Exposition

On 19th of November, 2010, Committee of Shanghai Financial Expo and F-Road jointly sponsored the China Mobile Summit Forum of Shanghai Financial Exposition. The forum was held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center and was attended by distinguished guests from the People's Bank of China, the International Financial Inclusion Agencies, the domestic joint-stock banks, foreign banks, city commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, liquidation organizations, universities, technology providers, venture capital institutions and others, in total nearly 100 units. Participants conducted a comprehensive and in-depth discussion regarding the impact of mobile finance on the personal banking business, significance of mobile finance to financial inclusion and requirements of mobile finance to IT technology innovation.